Amato patriarca

Amato Patriarca


Amato Patriarca was born in Rome in 1945. He is a painter, sculptor, engraver, graphic designer and fashion designer. Patriarca's paintings are composed of countless small painted colored tiles. His works often influenced by American Pop Art. The subjects he focuses on range from urban crowds and bicycles, to cityscapes and fashion models He made more than 150 collective exhibitions both in Italy and abroad since the 1990s, and 60 solo exhibitions. The artist takes the viewers on a quest through urban and commercial life experiences through a surrealist lens. His work is an influx of both quiet and chaotic moments of daily occurrences, spread across the canvass, in surgical ripples of urban modulations, where everything can be lost in an instant. He currently resides and works in Milan, Italy.

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Passeggiando (Strolling)

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