Antonio Guccione


The world of fashion, advertising and film from the 1980s to the present come together in the celebrity images of Antonio Guccione. In a society that believes in exasperated ostentation, fashion photographer Antonio Guccione knows how to discover and see its beauty. His is not simple photography, on the contrary, it is so sophisticated in the balance of its elements that it seems to be a spontaneous event, a natural happening that takes place before the lens. Guccione has clearly embraced the important question underlying photographic representation: whether that which is represented agrees or disagrees with the reality from which it set out. In portraits, this matter usually deals with a pleasurable and perverse ambivalence: to understand whether the photographic face represents or re-presents the face that has been put in pose. It is from this viewpoint that Guccione, like a wanderer, takes on and pursues a curious and suggestive photographic itinerary of celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Richard Gere, Anthony Quinn, Giorgio Armani, Asia Argento, Dolce and Gabbana, Elle McPhereson, Umberto Eco, Federico Fellini, Dizzy Gillespie, Iman, Yasmin Le Bon and Gianni Versace, to name a few. Antonio Guccione is a fashion photographer and has worked on advertising campaigns for Prada, Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He is a contributing photographer to "Vanity Fair". Exhibitions: 2009 - Exhibition “ Guccione” Festiviteten - Nordic Light- Kristiansund, Norway. 2008 - He publishes the book “Dressing Up Milano”, by Skira, Milan, Italy. Exhibition “New York 1992”, Bel Art Gallery, Milan, Italy. 2007 - He conceived the book “Polo Club Saint Tropez”, Saint Tropez, France. 2006 - Exhibition “Fashion and Faces” at the Academia Up to Date, Milan, Italy. Exhibition “Portraits” at the My Own Gallery, Milan, Italy. 2005 - He publishes the book “Fashion And Faces”, by Skira, Milan, Italy. Retrospective “Antonio Guccione 1985-2005”, Fondazione Mudima, Milan, Italy. Exhibition “And the stars shine” at the Bel Art Gallery, Milan, Italy. Exhibition “Un cuscino per sognare” at the Palazzo Casotti, Reggio Emilia, Italy. 2004 - He teaches at the “Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy. 2003 - He starts cooperation with the fashion weekly magazine "Vanity Fair", Milan, Italy. 2002 - Exhibition “Fashion from the 80’s” at the “Toscana Foto Festival”, Marina di Massa, Italy. 2001 - He realizes several advertising campaigns for various italian designers, Milan, Italy. 1999 - He creates for Officina Panerai (Vendome Group) the book “The Value Of Time” . All incomes were donated to the W.W.F., Milan, Italy. Exhibition Palazzo della Triennale, Milan, Italy. 1997 - He co-operates with the magazine "Madame Class", realizing advertising campaigns for various designers, Milan, Italy. 1995 - "Cahiers D’Art" publishes a big selection of his “Fotomorfosi”, Rome, Italy. 1994 - He conceives the Book “Absolut Statehood” with introduction by Glenn O’Brien, New York, USA. 1993 - He presents the film-documentary “Faces Of New York”, New York, USA. “Absolut Vodka” assigned him the creation of a photographic book presenting American artists, USA. 1992 - He presents the book “Faces Of New York” and organizes an exhibition at the gallery The Time Is Always Now, New York, USA. 1989 - On the occasion of the celebration of the 500 years of America , he presents a series of portraits , New York, USA. 1988 - He is chosen by Yves Saint Laurent to create the book “YSL and the fashion photographer’s ” edited by Schirmer/Mosel, Germany. 1987 - He realizes the book “Due passi sotto le stelle”, cover by Federico Fellini, text by Natalia Aspesi, art director Quirino Conti. Exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. 1986 - He co-operates with Vogue Germany and starts the conception of the book “Facce”. Exhibition at the Zita Vismara Gallery, Milan, Italy. Exhibition at the Versiliana in Pietrasanta, Italy. Exhibition of the book “Facce” at the Palazzo La Permanente, Milan, Italy. 1985 - He presents a selection of 20 portraits at the “Ecco l’Italia” exhibition in New York at Bloomingdale’s, USA. 1984 - He makes his debut in the art gallery world with the exhibition " Body" at the Sterntaler Gallery in Munich, Germany. 1983 - He cooperates with the magazines “Amica”, “L’Officiel” and “Harper’s Bazaar”. He cooperates with the Italian Public Television RAI to create the pilot program " Moda", Milan, Italy. 1982 - He conceives the tridimensional edition of “Amica” Magazine, Milan, Italy. 1980 - He moves to Paris and cooperate with Angus McBean, he photographs Haute Couture for L’Officiel. "Zoom" magazine and "Photo" magazine dedicate cover and portfolio to his job. 1979 - He cooperates with the Italian television channel ITALIA 1, Milan, Italy. He realizes many campaigns for Italian fashion designers, Milan, Italy. 1974 - He works in New York for the monthly magazine “Linea Italiana”. 1973 - He photographs for I.W.S. the Haute Couture in Paris, advertising images for Gucci perfume. 1972 - He opens his first studio in Milan and photographs the Biki's collection " Paper Cloths". 1968 - He serves the Italian Army as photographer. 1965 - He studies stage design and photography. 1947 - He was born in Alia (Pa), Italy.

Antonio Guccione works

Kim Rea

<p>Lounging in the metallic bulkhead of an old battered wartime helicopter, lounges a leggy beauty lost in deep contemplation as photographed through the lens of the great Antonio Guccione.</p>


Carol Alt #5

Model Carol Alt smiles playfully at the camera while lying on a king-sized bed among the splayed sheets and warm sepia tones.

Marinda #2

The pillow-haired model draped in a feather boa and grasping at a chrome motorcycle handlebar stares off into the ether with dreamy eyes in a gray-scale universe.

Pia Klover # 1

On a wood-paneled floor in a narrow corridor lies an exhausted soul weaved into a velvet cord. She dreams of softer interiors.

Virag #2

While the New York backdrop has experienced a mock flooding of sorts, the model pays no mind to the faux catastrophe as she casually strolls down the empty street.


<p>Antonio Guccione famously shoots primarily beautiful, shapely women in the fashion and entertainment industry. This towering industrial complex, flaked with aged spray paint of the elaborate gra...

Carol Alt #2

Carol Alt is partially wrapped in gold drapery, complimenting the slender curvature of her back as she slyly gazes into Guccione’s lens.

Barrow Street

A blooming overcast of sky and sun illuminates the calm waters of the Hudson River and darkens a portion of Greenwich Village residing in the distance.

Carol Alt

<p>Supermodel Carol Alt is depicted here in mock imprisonment behind a wiry metal fence. It&rsquo;s almost as if Guccione is making a statement about capturing and preserving beauty through his pho...

Carol Alt # 3

<p>Carol Alt&rsquo;s slouching, yet stead-fast pose was more than likely staged by Guccione to show off the model&rsquo;s legs. The man with the exotic parrot perched on his left shoulder paints he...

Pia Klover # 2

In a most vulnerable state, she catches a glimpse of the gunman in her full-sized mirror, horrified at the possibilities of what might happen next.

Up-Town Building

<p>In New York, circa 1992, Guccione produced a collage of photographs depicting some of the city&rsquo;s varied architecture including these monoliths of steel, glass, and concrete reaching for cl...

Virag #1

The statue-esque model kneels casually on a floor of reflections. Her painted face expresses a look of utter contentment towards the lens.

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