Lorenzo Piemonti

1935 - 2015

Lorenzo Piemonti was born in 1935 in Carate, Italy not far from Milan in the area known as Brianza. He captured the attention of critics in Italy as well as abroad ever since he began to work with sculptures that find their primary matrix in numbers, and in the construction of three-dimensional progressions on the manifold variations of numerical sequences. The figurative arts are by no means alien to Piemonti’s activities (one remembers the period of the works in which he dealt with the theme of the sewing machine) but since the middle of the 1960s he has preferred to pursue a path where mental discipline and logical rigor, coupled with actual expertise, concentrate into a synthesis of which the impact is equally visual and environmental. Piemonti matured as an artist during the decade that he spent in central Switzerland, in close contact with the major protagonist’s of Swiss Concrete Art, and beginning with that time he moved in highly individual directions, as witnessed by his “Chromoplastic” works – Cromoplastici MADI – and by his series “Accelerations.” MADI is a great artistic adventure, and perhaps the only existing movement which can justify half a century of existence. MADI is more than an avant-garde movement; it has an underlying wave with several and differing off spring. It is the slow-paced growth of a tectonic plate in the history of art. Indeed, since art and environment are perceived as the fusion of two cultural phenomena, the progression and expression of these both blend in everyday life. Along with a representative of the Argentinean MADI movement, he was the founder of the Italian MIDI group (Dialectical Materialism). His works have been shown, both in solo and group exhibitions in many countries including, France, Switzerland, Serbia, United States, Hungary, Rumania and Spain. From 1965 to 1975, while living in Switzerland, he collaborated as a sculptor with Zurich’s Schlaeppischaufensterfiguren Company, creating model forms for fashion shows: his figures have been employed by fashion designers such as Balenciaga, at the Museums of Zurich and Madrid; by Yves Saint Laurent at the New York Metropolitan Museum and at the Museum of Arts and Fashion at the Paris Louvre; by Giorgio Armani at New York’s Guggenheim Museum; by Courreges and others in major cities of the world. On the International Scene, Piemonti had a one man shows at Belgrade’s National Museum and in 2003 many of his MADI works were presented at the Kilgore Law Center and the MADI Museum in Dallas, Texas. His works are also in the museums of many cities both in Italy and abroad. Lorenzo Piemont’s work has often been discussed by distinguished critics, and his work has received the attention of Vivianne Fradkoff and Anita Villa, respectively of the University of Geneva and the Breara Academy of Fine Arts – who have examined his mode of cummunication in their doctoral thesis.

Lorenzo Piemonti works


<p>Geometrically sound with an optimistic color palette, Piemonti&rsquo;s work echoes other such masters as Elvira Dieter, Guya Kosice, and Antonio Perroteli, but with a distinctive, uniformed styl...

Cromoplastico 63

<p>Having been part of the infamous MADI (brightly colored, geometrical art) movement for most of his career, Lorenzo Piemonti&rsquo;s work has been exhibited and celebrated all over the world. One...

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