Maurizio delvecchio

Maurizio Delvecchio


Born in Basel, Switzerland 22 May 1962 by an Italian Family. Since his youth, he is attracted to drawing and art. When he returned to Italy with his parents, he graduated from the Art School of Ravenna. In 1985, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. He won the 1st prize of the monthly “ART” from Giorgio Mondadori, in 1988. In 2011, he participated in the 54th Venice Biennale at the Italian Pavillion. He presently lives and works in Cesenatico, Italy. His works depict female figures with specialized backgrounds, in addition to Bridges, Automobiles and Cityscapes. He expresses his techniques with oil, watercolor and pencil. His work “Sunset and Waiting” Oil on Canvas (2013) hangs in the Art Museum of Avellino, Italy. He has a work in the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Amatrice, Province of Rieti, Italy.

Maurizio Delvecchio works

NYC Skyline

Maurizio Delvecchio’s portrayal of Manhattan through his work captures the sheer scope of it all even if this is only a small section of the metropolis.

NYC Sunset Station

A wash in the diminishing light of the late afternoon sun, steam from the locomotive’s engine liquefies the borders of the painted canvas.

Dawn in New York

As the sun rises and casts shadows over the monoliths of the city skyline and the curves of Madison Square Garden, a new day begins in the city that never sleeps.


<p>A wonderful display of perspective here. The sun extends the last of its rays before sinking into the horizon for another evening to take its rightful place as the first of the city&rsquo;s ligh...

Cityscape Sundown

<p>Delvecchio&rsquo;s impeccable inclusion of the cracks and oil stains on the pavement on the Manhattan streets and the expert use of depth of field of the vehicles in the background is also of no...

Window Manhattan

<p>The Empire State building is a favorite subject in Delvecchio&rsquo;s NY pieces. From the expert use of shadow and light on the model to the &lsquo;late afternoon&rsquo; window view. It&rsquo;s ...

Luce (Light)

Deep thoughts penetrate her mind as she gazes out of her tiny Manhattan apartment. The monoliths look so insignificant from here.

Sunset Liberty

The silhouette of Lady Liberty stretching to the orange sky accompanied by a fierce yellow sun hovering in the sky is descending rays is both a masterful and striking portrayal by Delvecchio.

Morning Gold

The model is bathed in rich, warm colors like an angelic sun goddess. There is an expression of utter contentment on her face that transcends the entire piece into a Zen-like state.

Brooklyn Bridge Sunset

<p>Recreated sunsets in the art world is a favorite theme. Delvecchio&rsquo;s masterful brushwork, the warm, inviting color palette, and that encapsulating feeling of &lsquo;being there&rsquo; make...

Station Sunset in New York

<p>Orange hues layer the heavens above the New York skyline in the hour of dusk. Delvecchio&rsquo;s flair for the mildly surreal is on full display here. The cobolt steam from the engines, the yell...

L’attesa (The Light)

<p>In the warm morning light she scans the streets below from her apartment window for any signs of him. She is bathed in the blue fog of longing and with the clothes she wore while dreaming of his...

Nuovo Giorno a Manhattan (A New Day in Manhattan)

Framed with a billowy white border and swathed with a melting canvas surface, the Empire State Building and the surrounding structures tower above the streets in majestic splendor.

Bridge in New York

Delvecchio’s version of the Brooklyn Bridge fantastically displays the sheer scope of the structure in comparison to the city skyline.

City Sunset

<p>The empire state building is once again the central subject here and it is quite literally in the center of this serene still. What makes this unique however, is the scraped/chipped paint presen...

The Fog

The majestic Golden Gate Bridge painted in broad detail and partially erased from a dense gray fog during the mid-morning commute.

Morning Appointment

A sultry draft wafts through the room making the silken curtains dance. She reaches out and softly caresses them with her fingertips. There’s a storm coming.

Empire and Brooklyn Bridge in Red

The color of the bridge has absorbed every drop of blood and sweat shed from the city’s residents over the centuries giving it its deep red color.

La Luce e L’attesa (The Light and the Wait)

<p>The &lsquo;magic hour&rsquo; is a photo/film term meaning a time right before the sun begins to set where natural light is at its most luminescent. This stellar piece captures that exceptionally...

New York Streets

<p>Delveccio&rsquo;s recreation of a slender New York street laced with ongoing traffic and the gray monolithic gray buildings dropping off the face of the world like a liquefied concrete waterfall...

Taxi in Manhattan

The softly blended brushstrokes gives an excellent sense of motion to the taxi and the background traffic while the subtle reflections on the pavement portrays the wet weather wonderfully.

Window in New York

Posing with purpose, the model is embedded in a radiant yellowish halo. Her fine strands of green hair are frozen in an indoor half-breeze and the bustle of the city goes on.

Brooklyn Bridge, 2013

<p>This painting could pass as a piece of conceptual art for a future film about a slowly melting world in an alternate NYC. However, the painting still brings that ever present cool vitality of th...

Golden Gate

<p>Swathed in the kind of blue that one would immediately associate with moonlight (at least in filmmaking circles), the Golden Gate Bridge gets the full cinematic treatment here. The widescreen-st...

Railway Sunset

<p>Delvecchio weaves all the warm colors of a sunset into every crevice of this piece and then adds distinctive little touches such as scratches in the paint and the incomplete borders of the canva...

Skyline NYC

<p>Delvecchio&rsquo;s use of lines is deceiving. From a distance they appear little more than a collage of random crosshatches. Looking a bit closer, however, each line form the windows of building...

Tramonto +(Sunset) a New York

<p>Delvecchio continues to impress with his cityscapes, capturing that distinctive New York vibe again and again. Along with the easily recongnizable Empire State Building, is the Bank of America b...

11 Settembre 2014

<p>Delvecchio beautifully captures the somber tone forever associated with 9/11 in New York City. The soft blues and the confident brush work on the city&rsquo;s structures brings the piece full ci...

Brooklyn Bridge, 2010

Delvecchio hones his craft regardless of size. Even after painting bite-sized New York landmarks, the artist still impresses on a grand scale and establishes himself as a talent to watch.

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