Female Offers

1990’s, Lithography
28 x 20 in 70 x 50 cm

In 1946, Bruno Cassinari Fronte founded Nuovo delle Arti (New Arts Front), an association for restoring optimism to post-war Italian. The color pallet drenches the piece with a celebration of Italy’s bountiful food culture. Seafood and produce are the center attractions, while the pinkish female figure presents them in traditional humble fashion (arms behind her back with a slight slouch in her posture).

Bruno Cassinari ( 1912 - 1992 ).

Born Piacenza, Italy October 29,1912 ans died in Milan,Italy March 26,1992. He was an Italian Painter and sclupture, active in a style mixing cubist and expressionist elements.

He trained as a painter in ther Brera Academy under Aldo Carpi. In 1946, he helped found the fronte Nuovo delle Arti, as association aiming to restore optimism to port-war Italian art. Other members were Renato Birlli, Renato Guttuso, Ennio Morlotti, Leonardo Leoncillo and Alberto Viani.