1990’s, Lithography
28 x 20 in 70 x 50 cm

Anyone who takes even a mere momentary glance at Cassinari’s work will be immediately drawn to the wonderfully vibrant colors and meticulous brushstrokes that all fit together harmoniously like an edible jigsaw puzzle bursting with optimistic flavor and texture.

Bruno Cassinari ( 1912 - 1992 ).

Born Piacenza, Italy October 29,1912 ans died in Milan,Italy March 26,1992. He was an Italian Painter and sclupture, active in a style mixing cubist and expressionist elements.

He trained as a painter in ther Brera Academy under Aldo Carpi. In 1946, he helped found the fronte Nuovo delle Arti, as association aiming to restore optimism to port-war Italian art. Other members were Renato Birlli, Renato Guttuso, Ennio Morlotti, Leonardo Leoncillo and Alberto Viani.