2017, Oil on Canvas
72 x 48 in (182.88 x 121.92 cm)

Nikita Knight ( 1969 - ).

Born on April 23, 1969, Nikita Knight received her first training in arts at the age of four from her father, a renowned landscape painter, who obtained the finest European art education in the A. von Stieglitz St. Petersburg Art Academy. Nikita’s talent was recognized when she was only six - her work was shown in the Art School of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. At the age of nine, Nikita enrolled in the St. Petersburg Art School, where she studied sculpture and painting. At some point she started feeling that drill and vigor of an intensive training combined with a mandatory social realism began to stifle her imagination; she soon put her art career on hold.
Nikita strongly believes that mastering her mediums is a must, as it gives her a freedom of expression and a luxury of concentrating on creative process. She now truly appreciates her training and education, but she is not an art scholar – she is an explorer and a worshipper and a translator of the intricacies of the nightscape. Nikita is the first artist to capture a wild nature of Aurora Borealis. She is a master of interpretation of the Auroras and their effect on the human psyche. Her influences in painting include the following masters: Van Gogh; Gerhard Richter; Kyffin Williams; Lawrence Harris; V. Kandinsky (early work and “Der Blaue Reiter”) and the German Expressionists such as Marianne von Werefkin, Gabriele Münter, and Emil Nolde; Mikhail Vrubel and William Turner. Nikita considers Gerhard Richter her biggest enabler: his discontent with the Dresden school and social realism echoed her own experience. She had an “aha” moment after listening to the Gerhard Richter narratives; it was a true epiphany. She adopted Gerhard Richter style, and she is bringing it to a new level, adding complexity, creating 3D effects, mashing up layers, colliding them and bringing the entities from the unconscious to life. Nikita’s choice of colors is driven by neurological condition synesthesia – she literally hears and tastes the process. Additionally, the special synesthesia helps her to navigate the paintings’ layers. She is currently working with the 3D substrates and exploits her spatial synesthesia to create 3D warping of space and explode them with the 3D effect of the paintings. Nikita Knight believes that there is no limit to human imagination and she is here to prove it.