Studio di Ipotesi (Study by a Hypothesis)

2007, Acrylic on Canvas,
40 x 40 cm, (16 x 16 in)

The rounded, oversized frames the model fashions highlight her lacidastical eyes hooded with thick lashes. The painted colors on the far right of the canvas projects a painting treated with a wet brush resulting in a freckled, marble-like surface. Bachi’s interpretation suggests that women should never be underestimated regardless of complacency. She is more than capable of being mightier than impenetrable stone.

Lidia Bachis ( 1969 - ).

Lidia Bachis was born in Rome in 1969 where she currently lives and works.
She attended the School of Art “Alessandro Caravillani” but the passion for arts in general was already present in her life so strongly that she decided to use it as her first way of expression.
She won the scholarship at the School of The Art of Medal- Istituto Poligrafico della Zecca di Stato.
In 2000 she started to exhibit her art both in Italy and abroad, showing her point of view to the public.
Her works can be seen at The Galleria Comunale d’Arte Contemporanea in Arezzo, The International Musem of Women in the Art of Scontrone (L’Aquila), the Novosibirsk State Art Museum and the Maui, Museum of ContemporaryArtTeano(Caserta).
She expresses her passion for modern art through texts (lyrics), paintings, videos and objects adopting new meanings when used by the artist .One of works has been given to European Collection in Bruxelles.