About Us

Welcome to LiveArtTV, a vibrant celebration of artistic mastery and cultural diversity brought to life on the canvas of the digital age.

At the heart of Milan's bustling art scene, our story began, conceptualized by the visionary Albert Dadras. LiveArtTV emerged as an extension of the EliteShoppingTV brand, born from a passion for art that transcends borders and the desire to broadcast brilliance to a global audience.

Our journey is woven with a dedication to excellence and an unwavering commitment to the artists we showcase. While our roots run deep in the rich Italian artistry, our arms are widely open to the diverse tapestries of talent from every corner of the globe. From seasoned maestros to emerging virtuosos, LiveArtTV is a stage for exceptional creativity that defies expectations and kindles inspiration.

In 2018, our voyage took us across the ocean to the United States, carrying with us a mission to illuminate lives with the beauty of art. Every piece curated and presented on our platform is more than just a visual spectacle; it's a story, a conversation, a shared human experience.

LiveArtTV is more than a gallery—it's a community where art lovers can gather to discover, appreciate, and acquire work that speaks to the soul. Whether you're here to find a piece that whispers to your heart or to immerse yourself in the world of stunning creations, we're delighted to share this journey with you.

Join us as we explore the infinite possibilities of art, and together, let's keep the legacy of creativity flourishing for generations to come. 

Questions about our collections and exclusive offers: info@livearttv.com