Collection: Iacopo Raugei

Iacopo Raugei was born in Florence in 1975. After completing classical training, he graduated in Molecular Biology at the University of Florence where he studied in the laboratories of the Department of Internal Medicine. From 2004 to 2006 he lived in the United States and worked as a researcher at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. His experience in the states greatly contributed to the development of his art works. 

In 2006, he had an exhibition at the World Bank Art Society in Washington, DC.

Returning to Italy he completes his education earning a Master’s Degree in Marketing, Communication and International Relations.

In 2008, he is among the finalists of the III International Arte Laguna Prize and winner of the Wannabee Gallery Special Prize in Milan. 

In 2009, he won the Celeste Prize on-line voting contest.  Alessandro Riva cares for her personal “Failure to Communicate.”  In Milan he held his first one man exhibition. 

In 2010, he enters the Le Meduse art movement with public exhibitions in Italy. 

In 2011, he holds his second show in Milan, “ Conscious State of Confusion,” which is curated by  Viviana Siviero .

In 2012 he is the winner of the National Painting Award in the city of Novara. 

In 2013, he is the finalist of the Tiziano Prize and finalist of 3rd Ricoh Prize.

In 2013, he exhibits with Le Meduse in Orlando, Florida. 

In 2104, Vera Agosti is curator of “There I Wonder” show in Milan at Villa clerici.

2015 “Water is” curated by Vera Agosti and Gianni Floris at the Aqua Expo Venice Pavillion.

2017 “Black on Black” Show curated by Vera Agosti at Villa Bardini, Florence.

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