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Ideo Pantaleoni

Night in the City

Night in the City

A brash, explosion of color and light ignites from the canvas fighting for your eye's attention. The sapphire coated backdrop serves to heighten the effect. This piece could resemble a stained-glass window placed on a stone blue pedestal in total disarray. Now, imagine a blind clergyman standing before his congregation, running his fingers lightly over the pieces while telling fables from the good book. As the tale unfolds, he quietly assembles the pieces together like some divine jigsaw puzzle until its one solid sheet. His sermon ends, the churchgoers file out, and at last, he is left alone with only the faint echoes of an empty church and free to place the new window in his private quarters where the morning sun will warm the glass to his touch. This piece has been signed by Ideo Pantaleoni himself.

Size 35.5 x 40"

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