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Born in Noale Venice, Italy in 1954 and began to paint in 1977.

He has mastered material that shows an amazing capacity to penetrate the subject and object, painting landscapes where he imposes a lack of human presence.

For many years he participated in competitions and art collectives, performing in several extemporaneous exhibitions. In the 1990’s, he experiments with mixed media painting until he perfects the balance of shapes, colors, and materials. He intensifies his participation in the most significant solo exhibitions.

He is the winner of numerous competitions and receives accolades from critics for his many works including:

1992 – He was awarded the Silver Metal by the President of the Republic Hon. O. Luigi Scalfaro in the international competition, in the city of Legnago VR.

1995- A work becomes part of the Galleria Civica Citta ‘di Moncalieri. He received the Artistic Award of the Regional Council of the Veneto and the Province of Venice.

1998 – He was awarded the Bronze Medal by His Holiness Pop John II at the Biennal Art, Santa Maria di Sala, VE.

2002 – Receives commission for the Automobile Museum Carol Biscaretti of Ruffia - Torino.

2004 – Under the patronage of the Italian Republic, the European Community, Regione Veneto, University of Venice, Department of Tourism, GAL Venezia Orientale, carries out a project for the promotion of the archeological park for the preservation and promotion of the ‘Via Annia”

2005 – He was awarded the Silver Medal by the President of the Republic Hon. Carlo Azeglio Ciampi at the Art Biennale, Citta ‘di Osio BG. Completes the work “Living Waters,” the Ente Parco project Region River Site, to protect the aquatic environment, with the sponsorship of the Italian Republic, the European Community, Veneto Region, the Province of Venice, Padua, Treviso, GAL Eastern Veneto. He creates the works of the “Altino Award” intended for persons who have distinguished themselves during the year for their activities such as: culture and professional sports.

2006 – A work becomes part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the Unit of the Italy Citta’ di Teano (Ce).

2008 – A work becomes part of the Museum Judetean Gorj City of Targu Jiu (Romania).

2011 – Archive Monografico Dell’Arte Italian, Catalog of Modern Arte, Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori.

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